Infrastructure Works / Nordelta


1. Historical Review - NORDELTA

During the 70s on the land where Nordelta entrepreneurship stands today, the first outlines of a long-term project are set, where the first great condition, since it was an area of very low level, was the hydraulic stability of the area, for that reason a solution had to be designed to ensure that that the land on which it was going to work would be above flood levels.

In the 1980s designers, developers, and first level national and international consultants began to work , by evaluating hydraulic behaviours on different alternatives, economic and technical feasibility, market research, analysis of needs and trends in order to reach a Masterplan that would specifically define the investment and work to be developed in the following years.

In 1992 the Government of the province of Buenos Aires approved by Decree, the creation of this new urban centre and its master plan, being declared provincial and municipal interest to be developed in the Tigre district 28 km away from the centre of the city of Buenos Aires.

It was the transformation of an area of 1,600 hectares geographically privileged to insert it in terms of environmental excellence and modern infrastructure in the urban fabric surrounding it.

The project was set out in an area located 30’away Buenos Aires city centre, 20’ from the Capital and 5’ from San Isidro District and the project was include the zone code in Tigre District.

The vast experience of SUPERCEMENTO SAIC and DRAGADOS Y OBRAS PORTUARIAS SA (dredging and port works) in infrastructure, sanitation and land by sand refill recovery gave the technological basis for the project conception, which was conceived with a strong environmental emphasis.

In July 1999, after years of work in the field of soil movement, installation of infrastructure, creation of water bodies, preparation of land for afforestation, etc., the marketing of the first neighbourhood was launched, setting a period of growth according to the Masterplan is still progressing steadily.

Ecological sustainability of the Project: a low flooded area was recovered which was suitable for productive agricultural activities through its comprehensive hydraulic sanitation process.

About 1300 hectares were refilled until the protective level for floods was reached by dredging, sand refilling and movement of conventional hydrologically controlled soil, which has connection gates with the outdoor water system valves to enable biological recharge and in particular for the regulation of any excesses.

2. Masterplan NORDELTA

On the basis of the aforementioned, an area of 1,600 hectares 28 km away from the city of Buenos Aires and 7km away from the Pan-American Highway, through their own access, Nordelta was designed as a Mega-entrepreneurship organized operationally on the basis of a Master Plan, perfectly defined in time, which evaluated every detail thoroughly, without neglecting any aspect relating to the quality of life of its inhabitants and the environmental conditions of the area.

This Master Plan known as Masterplan Nordelta considered the execution of 18 districts comprising the venture with all the necessary services infrastructure a mall with river station, nursery boats and residential area, a medical centre which is the most modern and comfortable in the Northern Area, a shopping district area with a service station, 12,000 m2-Shopping Mall , supermarket and gastronomic Centre, in addition to 40 hectares devoted to education where several schools of the highest level perform, which is the country's largest educational sector.

Este Plano Diretor, conhecido como Plano Mestre Nordelta, considerou a execução dos 18 bairros que compreendem o emprendimento, com toda a infraestrutura de serviços necessária , um centro comercial com estação fluvial, guarda de lanchas e área residencial, um centro médico que é o mais moderno e confortável da Zona Norte, um centro comercial dotado com um posto de gasolina, 12.000 m2 de Shopping, supermercado e centro gastronômico, além de 40 ha dedicados à educação onde funcionam escolas do mais alto nível, o mesmo constitui o maior centro educativo do país.

Supplement Services: An Office Park, Civic Centre and areas intended for sports known as Nordelta Club, canoeing area, Centre of motor nautical activities and a Golf club with a prestigious 18-hole course.

This Masterplan, which was carefully and rigorously executed, with its 180 hectares of lakes, has given Nordelta character model, not only for the quantitative characteristics of the project, but also for the quality of management is clearly reflected.

3. Performed Works

The current reality of Nordelta as it was exposed above is a reflection of many years of intense engineering, execution of works and business management. Some indicators such as detailed below give us the magnitude of the scale of the activities developed.


- Soil Movement: more than 22 million m3
- Internal pavement: 81 Km
- Gas and electricity networks: 124 Km
- Water, irrigation and sewage networks: 74 Km
- Telephone and data networking: 72 Km
- Effluent treatment of sewage plant
- Water purification plant: 3000 m3/day capacity