Monuments / Milestone 3 Borders


Lighthouse Milestone 3 Borders
Puerto Iguazú - Alternative "B"


The square has a common denominator in the presence of water in motion as a point of attraction for the visitor and the physical interpretation of the site you visit.

In this way, a, participatory in that in a plane flooring, INTERACTIVE Plaza, with a small concurrent decline to the tower, water situations occur vertically or volumetric shape (MIST) with programmed sequential or random occurrences expansive sector raises, where the visitor has the opportunity to participate in person in it.

At the site of the great dry place to insert the new milestone, an emblematic monument.

The new design should relate in a respectful dialogue, between the existing and historical with the new and modern; nature and its unique environment with the new architecture proposed, without skills and balance.

Around this square of 2000m2 artisans fair and public and tourist parking is organized, the new monument and is included on another level, a new panoramic tour, a space for confectionery and services.

A proposal of vehicular design is performed, staring parking areas for buses and cars.


The system of pedestrian and vehicular access is resolved, contemplating a parking area for 4 buses and about 40 cars.


The design of the square, provides a great soldier, interspersed with sections of lawn. It has mirrors and dancing water games, creating a fun and refreshing experience for the public visiting the place. the banking system design and lighting is included.

Accompanying the dry place, a landscape design is done in the industry with native species.

The space between the square and the street is also parquizará, leaving only the most important native species. So the land will become a passable, clear, clear green, freeing the visual to further enhance its dramatic effect.

Day and night will be controlled by an automation system, composing different performances of water, light and sound, ruled by time of day. There will also be special programs for commemorative dates or important events. The sky liner, type search sky will be visible from more than 3,000 meters.


Towards the riverside space for restaurant, which seats 120 people, with a terraced area will be available. health services and corresponding deposits are contemplated.


The posts have been set up aesthetically in its original place so that they can integrate the new package design. With individual local and a metal cover that covers, as well as adjacent to the pedestrian promenade.


To describe the installation of this system, it is considered the use of the following equipment in accordance with the needs and aesthetic hydraulic calculation that these effects of water / light required.

The interactive wet Plaza, is achieved by installing nodes floor 2 substantially different systems, automated vertical water effects, effective net water 1,5m to 2,0m up height above floor level, avoiding jet pressures can be harmful to the visitor (skin, eyes, connective tissue) and haze nodes floor, reduced net height between 0.8m to 1m, water spray. The multi-chromatic lighting system, adjusting to scheduled operational dynamics, including with option to be operated in "dancing waters".

The sector pit, have a system of perimeter haze independent in asymmetric arches, so as to generate a cloud of water to prevent directly see the walls of the trench, which was completed at night with internal perimeter submersible lighting, oriented in line Vertical drop of water to produce the effect of rising mist.